Sugar and Spice Makes Everything Nice Doesn’t It?

1:29:00 PM

          Well in a relationship it’s a little difficult to cover things up and keep them covered for fear of disturbing the lovely unhappy balance. If problems aren’t dealt with and the little things keep piling up on top of each other like a seven layer cake of relationship doom, then the little things aren’t so little anymore. Whoever thought of this passive aggressive way to not deal with things and get over them as time passes by pushing them under the rug was way off; the one who listened and followed suit is even worse. Ignoring something doesn’t work, so what should we do when we notice little things that rub us the wrong way with our significant other?

        First things first, nip it in the butt right away. By nipping it in the butt, I don’t mean getting all Medea on your partner. I mean try noticing the things that are hurtful or unfair and bring them up to the person after you have had a moment with your own feelings. Every person knows the list of things that they can deal with from someone else, i.e.…someone else’s bullshit.  You also have to be willing to compromise and learn the inner workings of your significant other. 

Example WTF moment of the week: 
          I recently had a good friend of mine tell me that when the guy she was seeing asked her about her day and she elaborated on the longish details he replied, “you don’t have to tell me the whole story. You could just say it was long”. Whiwhdiwhdewihehi….What? Yeah. Yet, that same guy would call and expect my friend to listen to his semi-nauseating explanations of his trying days.

         If a man says something like that to you then guess what, he doesn’t give a damn about you. Its sad and it sucks but it’s better you know early then a year into the relationship. If he’s not interested in what you’re interested in, then he’s not interested. Confusing I know, but come on people use your heads! When you’re in a relationship or hoping to start one with someone then don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Moral of the story…. Respect yourself and the person you will care for will do the same. 

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