Nice guys are in; jerks are out, sooo out.

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 The problem:

So many women are attracted to jerks and by jerks I mean the ones that come off super confident and dashing in their Armani suits whisking us away to fancy dinners and three nights away in the Carribbean. Oh wait, that’s a dream. But the false confidence and certain panache we observe as an ideal, is actually a lathered up front for a douche in awesome guy attire. When we get reeled in for the kill most of us don’t even see it until it’s happened; we’ve been swindled and sometimes heartbroken. Why aren’t more of us attracted to nice guys?

What is going on with us girls?

A few friends of mine have started dating recently and when you ask how it’s going some of them say things like, “He’s great, but he’s just so…. sweet.” I’m thinking… uh hello! Some women just don’t know how to deal with nice men at all when they do come around. If a man’s too sweet then he must be too clingy or too insecure or something…huh, I don’t follow. We women have become so conditioned to thinking only confident men who are secure in themselves, have a fat wallet and a wall of confident built with bricks of attitude. What we’ve got to do is stop looking to movies for relationship advice and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Mhmm. The relationship that is built from the guy who is such a player and has it all and just needs that woman who has that sweet side to break him, yeah right; we’ve got to wise up and give the good guys a chance. You’re not going to change him. If he’s an ass, he’ll probably always be an ass and if he treats women that way then how does he treat his mother? Good guys are out there; they just don’t want to date the chick that wants the asshole. 

So for the dilemma of the century:

Good guy friend starts looking good to you and you’ve just now noticed after years of being friends. What do you do now?

The problem:

If this has ever happened to you, then you know what I mean. It’s difficult to switch over from feelings of friendship to romantic feelings. How in the hell do you break away from just the friend and get him to notice you in the same way you have?


You have to re-meet each other as something other than just friends. You have to put yourself out there just enough to let him know you have these feelings and see what he does with them. Men aren’t always the quickest at figuring these things out so you need to help him out a little bit with more flirting than usual. Most of us girls flirt with out guy friends occasionally but now we need to change the rules and make it specific to him.

Long solution huh? Yeah I’m aware it seems like more of a problem than a solution. But I’m working on it and I’ll let you know how it turns out. This guy in particular is a shy, sweet one and has no idea what he does to women, me included. I’ll have to tread lightly, he’s like an Antelope sipping quietly from the stream, one branch snap and he’s gonzo. Stay tuned or offer up a similar story or advice if you dare. 

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