Little Free Library

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The Little Free Library
What it is.

The Los Angeles Times had a front page article about a couple in Venice Beach that have brought the Little Free Library to their home and community. The Little Free Library originated in Minnesota, created by a man named Tod Bol; Tod decided to share his late mothers love of books with the world. I love this idea since it incorporates connection with the community and helps the literacy movement all over the United States one book at a time.

How it works.

You can go to this website and register your own library. The website has plans for building your library from scratch. The couple in the Times built their box from various wood products, mostly an old beer crate and other types of durable wood. My favorite are the creative plans for libraries that don't look just like everyone else's. There are some very creative little libraries that can really show off individuality and become conversation pieces aside from the scads of conversations about literature.

Once your library is registered, the non-profit will send you an official sign, and put you up on a map so that others can find you. Lots of people have library opening parties to celebrate and invite the neighborhood to stop by once in a while and leave a book or take a book. In a nation of high tech communication this opens doors to remain social and stay on top of your summer reading.

I'm hoping to get 'Ello Honey Bee's library up and running within the next year. Any opportunity to share the written word with others is exactly what the country needs. If you feel like this is something you would be interested in doing I would love to hear about it and see a photo of your library. Happy reading!

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