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Music is something that can pull anyone out of their mind for a moment to enjoy the pleasures of the sound of something else other than your own thoughts. I would love to start posting some new music recommended to me by friends and some gems I find. If you're interested in that, head over to the Pintrest page music section I started to see what I've got for you. Here's a few for now that will blow your mind or  calm your nerves. Enjoy!

Never: All the Luck In the World
                                                               Magic Wands: Space
                                                                 Niva: Dirty Water

Question & Thoughts Section:

How many shots at love do we each really have? Most of us think that finding love in the first place is an immeasurable feat not to be seen but once upon a time and others have the idea that there are multiple soul mates for each person on earth. Which idea love junkie are you? They say you’re not supposed to look for that perfect someone in your life consciously, but how are you going to know it’s them if you’re not paying attention. Plus, men aren’t going to do all the work ladies; men want to be chased just as much as we do. So if you’re the eternal love optimist and see every passer by in a nice pair of Abercrombie fitted jeans as your next venture then kudos for you. If you’re the pessimist of the century then you’ll understand when I say how absolutely exhausting that lifestyle is. Maybe they’re right; you’ll find your other half when you least expect it and a good story to go with it. Just be patient and let life happen, or make it happen. Whichever you choose…

How in the hell am I supposed to lose weight when all I want to do is sit at home, make music and work? Everyone knows that once you start working out it’s difficult to stop; so getting over the coach potato syndrome and onto the athletic regimen of the Avengers should be easier than pie, no pun intended. Getting into routine is difficult when you’re working long hours and going to school at the same time. Our bodies crave sleep and when we’re skipping it to get up before the sun and go on a run, it kicks us right in the ass. Although, I will say everyone feels loads better once they’ve worked out for the day, but can lowered energy throughout be worse? Learning to balance all of your daily activities and still get home in time to hit the treadmill is one life skill many of us are missing. So between reading the variable studies on sleep deprivation and weight gain and going over the proposal for tomorrows PR meeting while you’re huffing and puffing your ass up the Stairmaster, there comes a time when we realize how much better it is to learn to schedule. If I had a Siri life would be so much easier to manage my ass and my assets don’t you think? 

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