Brave Review

11:42:00 AM

                      The New Disney Princess and Her Forward Thinking!

Brave hit theatres this week and was a refreshing film for today’s girls. I saw the movie with my good friend Laura at a theatre in San Pedro California that was crawling with little ones. The kids were excited and so were we, they make these movies fun to watch. Whatever makes them laugh did double for us.

Brave is a dashing young woman with fiery red hair, shocking blue eyes and the panache to match her hair. I wondered if the children saw the character as a role model for, as Merida puts it, “going your own way”. The Irish princess has a flare that is reminiscent of the 80’s favorite, The Little Mermaid. Ariel too is a princess who is chained to conforming to her father’s view of royal life and she fights against those conventions with all her might.

Like The Little Mermaid also, the princess Merida doesn’t want her life to be ruined by ways of tradition so she follows her wisp spirit guides that lead her to a witch with a spell that is supposed to change her destiny. The one thing that Ariel screwed up in the end was that she did it all for the love of a prince and ended up chained to another man in matrimony. Brave takes her stance as a young woman who can rule on her own and if and when the time comes, she will love free too. Brave is unchained as far as we follow her and will take the time to grow up, know herself alone. Ariel was 16 when she got married and went directly from her father’s house to her husband’s castle on the beach.

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Little Mermaid with all my heart; that movie and Jodi Benson taught me how to sing. But Ariel only went as far for women’s rights as she could so we now must embrace a new era of strong female characters from Disney. This movie embraces belief in oneself and unique accomplishments that’s great for kids. I thought it had a nice place for family values and personal value in the right balance. Plus, if you’re a nature fanatic, it taught kids to love their land and appreciate playing in the grass. Go see it!

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