Self Worth Measured in Fashion? Is It Worth It?

7:14:00 PM

It’s insane how fashion-centric society is becoming these days. I feel guilty that I have submitted my own contributions to the all wallet encompassing media monster by writing about fashion occasionally. I still write about it for work but the more you research trends and designers you also find out about how much you’re willing to spend or not to cut off an appendage to pay for your looks. Do people really give a damn who you’re wearing these days? I mean the average person of course. Don’t get me wrong, I like to look nice in what I wear but I’m not sure I would spend 1,000 quid on an outfit that may only make an appearance once or twice. I recently had a conversation with a friend, one of my closest male friends, about all of this need for frivolous spending on clothes and what have you. He brought up a point about confidence in women who spend so much on clothing to feed their social, physical and mental insecurities. I of course made the point to say it’s not only women who are guilty of this confidence boosting ritual but men as well. I don’t know if we all concentrate on boosting our self worth by what we wear, but a new pair of Louboutins can sure as hell make you feel like you’re walking the runway to work. The question is do we really need to empty our bank accounts to fill our ego reservoirs, or should we be holding back on spending and work on ourselves from the inside out? Have we forgotten intrinsically how to value ourselves? Media pushes this idea onto us all that we need to show our worth in the car that we drive and the clothes that we wear. We have to crack down on our superficial desires for these things and try our best to splurge less and leave that to the celebrities. You can still look good with conscious discount shopping that will make you feel so much better when you still have money to eat afterwards. It’s just something to think about for the future. After all, the average degree holder continues to have $30,000+ in debt. 

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