Of Monsters and Men Review: My Head Is An Animal

2:32:00 PM

Of Monsters and Men’s new album My Head Is An Animal, hit stores this last week and their hit song “Little Talks” has been running through our heads for weeks. The male and female duo accompanies ethereal vocals layered in wind chimed piano melodies with lovely bass drum and trumpet that will steel right to your musical core. I kid you not, you will find serenity in this album. My favorite has been the all too real dating motto in this day and age called “Love, Love, Love”. The song touches down deep to the raw pieces of the heart and shows off the world of commitment issues. I like my music to give me something I can work with and this album does that. Along with some insightful pieces you’ll find consistency throughout the album, which is something that makes you purchase the CD in the first place. If I like one hit song I assume the rest of the musicians musical ability will reflect this throughout; a cohesive sound that flows and stays to the mood in it’s entirety is what drives me to keep on listening after the first album. I have to give this album a 9 out of ten for just being as beautiful as can be. Go out and have a listen on Pandora if you don’t believe me. 

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