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10:46:00 AM

1. Initial Attractions: There was an interesting question asked on Love Line the other night as I was driving home, Can you learn to love someone? I wondered if that question was on the same linear plane as falling in love with someone’s personality. It makes sense that way because if you’re not initially attracted to someone’s looks, but later come to find them attractive based on other qualities then you’ve learned to love them. That may be way off base but that is the way the answer formed in my convoluted hemispherical brain. If the two are one and the same, how to people actively choose the people they happen to fall for? Are we a nation of superficial ass hats that weigh in our affections based on the shape of someone’s symmetrical bone structure, or are we better than that?

I will say that the initial attraction or noticeable factor is their physical appearance, everyone is guilty of that. But after this point if you’ve been introduced to them, talk to them, are you still weighing in on the physical and completely discounting anything that spews from their seraphim lips? For some the first impression (first words spoken) can change the appearance of the person to become more beautiful or more repulsive. For example, a person could be so completely clueless that it just turns them off and they move on or they give them a pass for another go at another time. Others couldn’t care less as long as they capture that prized animal.  The answer to that question could also be confused with settling and that scares a lot of people. Why should you settle? If you’re settling by your standards then does it mean you’re taking the place of someone else? So is it really all that selfish to end a relationship based on that? There are so many questions and iffy answers to be passed out by the bucket load. I’d be interested in your thoughts, so send them along.

2. “I paid $30,000 for my B.A. and I can’t find a job”. The truth is that yes there are jobs but not the ones that degree holders are going to get. Whatever your degree is in, most people want to find something they can do to use it. I was an English major in college and have an overabundance of friends that want to be publishers, novelists, editors, copywriters, you name it. In the writing industry, anyone is luck enough to get a shot. That or you can shut yourself up in a room like Faulkner for months at a time with the hopes of writing a classic—that probably won’t make any money until you’re amoebas are scattered amongst the ground like fertilizer.

The main problem is that fresh out of college most of us, unless were prodigies, have no real world experience in the field of our choice. Most of the knowledge we have stumbled upon is bequeathed to us, in some form or another, by the experiences of our professors, parent and books we’ve read. Every job worth having in this field requires 3-5 years experience and a pristine portfolio that’s as high as the Empire State Building. Getting the experience is tough enough, i.e. the world of unpaid internships.

Bill Maher had a panel of politicians as usual on this morning who had graduated from prestigious universities who weighed in on the consuming costs of tuition. One woman said that by having these extremely high tuition students are being stunted by having to move back home to pay off a mortgage sized balance of debt. So there you have it, we’ve been robbed of our independence. We get six months to procure an indentured serventry for ten to fifteen dollars and hour without the slightest hope of being able to pay our rent or save enough for the inclining interest rates. Pretty soon our hopes and dreams have become muddled, crushed and seem further away than ever before, to the point where we forget them and settle because we have no choice.

The best thing we can do is keep looking, combing the stacks for an entry-level position and hoping something wonderful happens. Hopefully some will find their way back to the yellow brick road of professional stardom and others will soon follow. I you all the best of luck dear friends in the hopes that we will all get what we wished for in life.

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