Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?

7:55:00 PM

                                      Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?

The Dilemma: Some men call just to ask about our day and others text mid-evening after Law & Order to find out what are sleeping arrangements are. If the first, are we sucked into thinking he’s “into me” or are we thinking how sweet and decide to move on without further thought? If the second, have we become desensitized to the fact that that’s just how it is or are we slightly offended but invite him over anyway. Whether or not you’re the type of woman to venture further into the fantasy of thinking he’s looking for love, there is always the question…can men and women really be just friends?

The Weigh In: Some would say why the hell not. Society’s views on male and female relationships are just as mutable as our sex lives, button up or too much. Nevertheless, the lingering question floats above us with every platonic Chardonnay and Spaten mingle session. Have we become lazy and just too senza balle as they say in Italian. Men and women can be friends eventually, but who started these cocktail sessions and why is the interesting part. Is it wise to think in this fashion or should we just accept the olive branch of opposite sex friendship and move on? Has the dating world’s pressures of rejection gotten so heavy that we just settle into these comfortable comingling’s of the millennium?

The Challenge: Men and women are never going to be molded into the same cookie cutter layout for study, but we sure as hell know what we think on our own no matter what society tells us. After all, some very lovely couples have started out this way. We may never know the answer but if you’re starting a ‘friendship’ in disguise then I suggest growing a pair, ladies and gentlemen alike and say what’s on your mind. 

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