Cabin In The Woods Review

11:47:00 AM

The new release Cabin In The Woods directed by Drew Goddard, advertised as a horror film is a strangely integrated cross genred film where comedy and horror clash. I'm not sure that they balance out the way that the filmmaker intended it to but it's still a fresh take on the horror film. The only problem is that I wasn't sure whether or not I should laugh more than I was scared. But laugh I did and some little things made me jump but it was looming over my head that something was only going to be a joke a second later. I found myself laughing at points that I normally wouldn't do so. The movie left me with the aftertaste of confusion but it was something to see and if you're paying to be entertained for a couple of hours then I guess that portion was fulfilled. The only thing I have learned from being an active film viewer is that I don't want to be taken out of the film for that brief time I paid to be in fiction; the film acts like meta-fiction, where it recognizes it's a work of fiction and draws attention to that fact. We were watching people make television who acknowledged the fact and made the audience aware 'you're watching something so don't get sucked in'. I'm a fan of horror movies, not torture driven, but innovative scripts where you can't exactly predict what's coming around the corner. Cabin In The Woods was different but not exactly my cup of tea as a horror movie, but if it were just considered a comedy then yeah, okay. I think this was is a rental or a discounted matinee expense but not essential.

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