17th Annual L.A. Festival of Books

11:57:00 AM

Every year USC campus is crawling with literature fanatics from all over the globe with the common goal of showing appreciation for the written word and the genius of the human mind. Whether you’re a writer, reader, pseudo-intellectual, history buff or science geek, this festival has something for everyone. The L.A Times Book Festival runs Saturday April 21st to Sunday April 22nd from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., general admission is free but get your tickets to certain forums early. Famous readers attend and help out with the event like John Cusack, Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Dive into workshops for any genre such as fiction with famous authors Anne Rice, Mellissa De La Cruz and so many others. Booths upon booths are stacked atop one another in hopes that the trade for the free admission means you will pay a small price for new novels and other paraphernalia. My favorite sections are the fiction-smothered portions of the festival with forums on “things that go bump in the night” and so on. Some amazing authors have attended and enlightened some of the more educationally inclined mass in the ways of the fiction world—how to write it and how to understand it. The Los Angeles Times said that the average income of the attendees was close to $89,000 a year—impressive. I of course do not make that but we can dream of that for our first big job can’t we? It’s just nice to spend a day in a place that is dedicated to the literary world and to have people engulfing you who feel the same way you do about books.

For funzies, I have included some links that were inspiring and fitting for the day. If you’re a writer and are looking for something to nurture you’re creative dendritic thought process, try Aimee Bender’s website. She graduated from UC Irvine, yay Anteaters, and has published several short story collections and novels. Her prose and strange ideas are refreshing and lovely to read. If you like meta-fiction then she’s perfect.

Also if you care to take a look at Abe Books, you’ll find some of the cheapest books from independent booksellers, which helps these individuals fight chain bookstore market swallowing. I go to Barnes & Noble on a nearly constant basis but I also head to this site when I need something I can’t wait a couple of days for.

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